I am a home cook from suburban Brisbane, Australia looking to master the basics and have a crack at the complicated.

My name is Courtney and I’m a foodie. I live with my boyfriend, Richard. I love to cook and create and to feed people. I get inspiration from cooking shows, my bookcase filled with cookbooks, cooking magazines and eating out in restaurants. I grab ideas from lots of different cuisines which you’ll see in my updates and am comfortable with cooking both sweet and savoury.

My current kitchen has an electric stove top plates and an electric oven (as opposed to much loved gas!) and I’m slowly building up a cupboard of gadgets of which the crowning glory will one day be a Kitchen Aid mixer.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Teresa says:

    Hey, thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoy browsing through the archives and try out a few of the recipes sometime. Please let me know how they turn out!

  2. Simone Heath says:

    Hi Courtney
    This is simone Richards Godmum from England, I`ve just go round to looking at the recipie and Cameron & myself will have a go at them when time permits, Its a little crazy here, say hi to Richard and I look forward to chatting again over Christmas

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